The #RegisterARelative pledge

The Electoral Commission says over seven million people who should have a vote are missing from the electoral register.

More than one-in-ten people in Britain are at risk of being silenced on general election day. That might mean members of your family and friends don’t get to vote, especially if they’ve just turned 18, moved house recently, or are living in university halls. We have to get these people registered to vote before the general election.

I’m asking you to take the #RegisterARelative pledge and register just one person you know to vote. It couldn’t be easier.

Once your friend or relative is registered, spread the word on Facebook or Twitter, using #RegisterARelative. If we all get just one more person on the register, we can have a huge impact. With your help, we can stop the scandal of the missing millions.

Thank you in advance!

Liz Kendall

Shadow Minister for Care and Older People